General Terms and Conditions

1. By registering on my website you are not entering into any obligation other than accepting these general terms and conditions.

2. I will treat and store the transmitted data with the utmost care and will only use it for your orders, correspondence with you or for information about important changes or innovations. Under no circumstances will I pass on your data to outsiders or sell or rent it for advertising purposes.

3. All your orders are binding purchase orders, regardless of whether they are transmitted electronically (email, shop, Whatsapp), in writing or orally. I will check, confirm and fulfill every order as quickly as possible.

4. Orders will only be shipped via parcel or courier services on the date I offer and when the invoice amount has been credited to my account. You bear the shipping risk from the time it is handed over to the sender, as well as all risks of collection or non-collection.

5. Most of my products are natural products, which is why there may be variations in color, shape and consistency. I cannot accept any liability for this. However, I check all products for freshness and quality before shipping. Delivery to the shipper takes place in such a way that you usually receive baked goods, for example, the following day. Other non-perishable products will be shipped together with the baked goods to save costs, unless you request separate earlier shipping and cover the costs.

6. For each product in my shop, I indicate whether the product can be shipped or only collection or direct delivery is possible.

7. I assume no further liability for collective orders to save shipping costs. You should discuss the processes with your group orderer and, if necessary, put the agreement in writing.

8. I have kept these terms and conditions short and simple and understandable for everyone, because I usually don't read terms and conditions that are long in legal language and sometimes I barely understand them. I prefer mutual understanding and trust and a normal, healthy sense of justice.

Yours, Chris